And we Poles look at it. You may say sweet words to tell different, but now it is the simplest thing that can be. It is difficult to make decisions, act, sometimes it is difficult to vote, it is hard to argue about certain things, but it is easy – and will be very simple – do find homework help not use hate speech. At their facebookach + +, ladies and gentlemen, do not write things that are the language of contempt. Do not insult people. Does not drive the spiral, which later on Facebook begins to disassemble – called leader WOŚP.zobacz also Owsiak: We complained to NBC ws. “Plastusiów” TVP Info “” I’ll tell you, Paul, get to work. “Owsiak returns as president of the foundation »Referring to the declaration of the Prime Minister Matthew Morawiecki concerning the prevention of hate speech, he said:” Mr. Prime Minister, we keep you at your word. “” this gentleman is no impact of the largest, as the Prime Minister of this country, not to allow even the word that is the word hatred. It is you, Members have the right to talk about it much and interrupt every speech, which is steeped in the words of hatred and contempt “- he said Owsiak. Head Auctions assured that the orchestra does not want to get mixed up in politics.” We really do our best to avoid this policy . The very raising money is already in politics and try to have a language + cropped +, although it is difficult sometimes, but let’s everyone regardless of political affiliation, against the language of contempt, the language of hatred, “- he said. Owsiak thanked for their support after the after the attack the President of Gdansk Pawel Adamowicz announced his resignation from the position of President of the Foundation WOŚP.W Saturday GOCC leader said that, however, will remain chairman of the foundation. He stressed that the decision to change it led, among others, important words that died during the funeral in the Basilica of St. Mary, where buried president of Gdansk. the words, however, is not quoted. “It was such a dot over the i. (…) When I gave up, I was convinced that no force will not move me anymore, does not change the decision. But what happened, too, and to me, it was something so extraordinary, so beautiful that I do not think I could say thank you. (…) It’s touching, incredible “- confessed Owsiak. He mentioned that on Sunday with words of thanks and support to come to his neighbors, which until now did not know.” These are the moments when we get faith in what is happening. Let us not lose it! “- appealed leader Auctions. Owsiak turned Poles are to be supported.” It is in such moments. When we can show the world that we do things unusual. There is no such collection in the world! “- podkreślił.zobacz also Owsiak on the possibility of returning to drive Auctions: Give me a second time» Chairman of the Board of Warsaw in a letter to Owsiak asked to consider a return to the GOCC »Orchestra Leader reported that complained to national Council of Radio and Television in connection with the publication in TVP info animation “plastusie.” He announced, moreover, that in this case will also take legal action. “for two years aired programs, you can say, programs hatred. There just were content, which should all be ashamed. And those who are better off with plasticine, and those who emit it. We should turn off the TV, we have such an opportunity. I do not watch it, it’s filtration incredible venom that somewhere in us comes “- rating. The case concerns the animation given to public television, which is shown as President of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Jerzy Owsiak and the former Mayor of Warsaw Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz. The material appears a puppet, which is associated with the president of the Foundation Auctions Jerzy Owsiak. Kukiełka is screwed by a character which is associated with the former. mayor of Warsaw Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz. the material shows that the character resembling former mayor of Warsaw is packed into your bag of money collected by the puppet evokes the Jerzy Owsiak. In this scene can be observed that one of the banknote appears dwustuzłotowych star of David. (PAP) Suski commented on Tuesday in Polsat News to questions about the idea that the Israeli po Foreign Minister Israel Katz considered persona non grata in Poland. Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Stanislaw Tyszka (kukiz’15) sent this letter to the Foreign Minister Jack Czaputowicz. “Paul Kukiz has such ideas often extreme. Indeed stupid racist words were uttered by the minister, but it’s still probably not a reason to draw such far-reaching consequences. In contrast, actually demand an apology. Because it’s shameful words that have died that fall they should not. they are unfair, deceptive. Poland, after all, as a nation, as a government in exile, were under occupation, and despite all the Poles helping Jews saved their lives “- said Suski.zobacz also Deputy Speaker Tyszka demands that the Foreign Minister of Israel in Poland was persona non grata ‘ “Haaretz”: Netanyahu “does everything himself and it is scary'” He said that if the apology did not fall, “it will be really cool relations”. “Because we can not afford it, we were slandered in the international arena” – he stressed. When asked about what the word cool is manifested, he replied, “we’ll see”. “I hope that the other side will come to reflect, the more that even different Jewish organizations condemned this type of speech and behavior.” He estimated that the statements that have died are also the result of the election campaign in Israel, in which “just like with us is a little knife fight.” “It means that politicians sometimes say stupid things” – believes the minister. Asked whether the situation could not be foreseen Suski admitted that something can always be predicted. “As in Poland, after all, you can predict that something the opposition wrong to say. But it is also so that we are trying to make a world of friends, good image, to cooperate with various countries, and sometimes politicians are irresponsible and draw consequences” – he replied. Suski asked quotations was also minister Czaputowicz if he has no enemies in his own camp. “And you can say that it is such a person, who did not have enemies? Perhaps only the saints (…)” – he said. In his opinion talking about regret to the minister Czaputowicz is “too much to say.” “In contrast, actually these statements, which fell here, should not fall. And this is the sorrow of those who spoke them. It is difficult to predict that someone will come to the invitation to the conference (…), and that the guests will speak such words . this can not be predicted. it’s hard to have someone pity that someone else said something “- explained Suski. “And each minister should be cautious, including Foreign Minister (…). I think that everyone, not only the Polish foreign minister,” – he said. He added that each minister should weigh the words “and consider before deciding various threats, not only the benefits.” On Sunday po Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz, referring to the words attributed by the Israeli media the head of the Israeli government stated: “Our Prime Minister made it clear. I myself am the son of Holocaust survivors. Like every Israeli and Jew can say: we will not forget and do not forgive. There were many Poles who collaborated with the Nazis and – as said Yitzhak Shamir (b. Prime Minister of Israel – PAP), which the Poles had murdered his father, + Poles suckle anti-Semitism with their mothers’ milk +. and no one will tell us how we are to express and how to remember our dead. ” Katz responded in this way prior to Netanyahu’s speech, which – according to the newspaper “Jerusalem Post” – he said in Warsaw that the Poles collaborated with the Nazis in the Holocaust. This information later denied the Israeli ambassador to Poland Anna Azari. As communicated on Sunday, government spokeswoman Joanna Kopcińska, Netanyahu confirmed that at no time attributed to Poland or the Polish nation and German responsibility for the crimes committed during World War II and that it fell from his hand, even the smallest suggestion of this kind. To the words of Katz referred Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Stanislaw Tyszka. “These are heinous, racist statements, which should meet the immediate resolute reaction of the Polish State and entering Israel Katz on a list of people in our country undesirables” – wrote on Monday in the application to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Jacek Czaputowicz. Tyszka asks in writing Czaputowicz, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs intends to take steps leading to entering Israel Katz to the list of persons whose stay in the Polish territory is undesirable in the interests of the Polish Republic and the head of the Office for Foreigners make public the list of foreigners whose stay in the territory Polish is undesirable. Polish government Katz described the speech as “shameful and racist.” After the speech the Prime Minister recalled Mateusz Morawiecki Polish delegation trip to Israel at the summit of the Visegrad Group in Jerusalem. The summit was canceled, instead of the V4 meeting in Jerusalem planned bilateral talks prime ministers of the Group. The Parliament will take place on Thursday filed for the PSL request a vote of no confidence against the Minister of Agriculture Christopher Jurgiel. “They have no argument for that, to a vote this report. But the position of the instrument used, which is provided in the rules of Parliament. He has the right to do” – said the Polish Radio 24 Jurgiel.W his opinion, for the government it will be also an opportunity to present public information, which was made in the area of ​​agriculture. “I think that the confrontation of these allegations, which will be presented to a representative of the applicants that what we say – I think the Prime Minister will speak here about the implementation of the program in the field of agriculture – will fall in our favor,” – stressed he said minister.Jak, within 18 months It managed to stabilize agricultural markets. “Let me remind you that in 2015, I took the minister, in buying a liter of milk cost 90 cents, and now we have about 1.5 zł” – said the head of the Ministry of Agriculture. He added, moreover, that the package of laws was adopted, favorable rolników.Minister was also asked about the price of butter, which were more expensive considerably in recent days. “This is a market. You have to remember that we have free circulation. There are people who at certain times accumulate, focus of the market, and then, in the absence of other sources, make high prices. I think this is temporary and everything will return to such a standard. Although this relationship between the price of raw materials, ie milk and butter, that it is so difficult to determination. We want to have a farmer in a position to make the most of this added value was left on the farm to the improved quality of life and production conditions, “- he said. Italian pride – is the motto of the rally in Piazza San Giovanni, organized by Salviniego the support of other forces of the center-right opposition in protest against the appointment of a new government, Giuseppe Conte after the collapse of the previous coalition, which was the League. After the fall of the first head of government of the League of Conte, a former deputy prime minister and former head of the Interior Ministry demanded early elections. Salvini began his speech by recalling the words by the late writer and journalist Oriana Fallaci on the pride of Italian and Italian values. He said then that the rally gathered strength, which can create a “good government”. Also referred to the issue of migration repeating his opposition to the uncontrolled wave. “Some people say that those who vote for the League is not a Christian. And I think that one who is a believer, he wants to make people more not set off. Who allows it to people sailed, kneel, but he has his hands in blood “- said the leader of the League. He added: “I dream of a country where pedophile and rapist for life will not be able to touch women and children.” Speaking of the rally participants stated: “There is no extremists, but they are proud Italians”; “Ordinary people, nation against elites, play against the palaces of power.” “There are 200,000 of us” – he said Salvini, whose league has become the largest, more than 30 percent support in the polls. The leader of Forza Italia, MEP and former three-time Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said at the rally that the government of the Five Star Movement and the Democratic Party is “the most leftist” in history. “We are here to oppose the government taxes”, “we are here to return to the home government not selected by the Italians” – said the former head of the government. Berlusconi said that Italy is ruled by five forces of the Left; four coalition groups and the “fifth force – the judiciary.” He introduced himself as a victim of the Italian judiciary, which was carried out against a number of investigations and who has had several hundred hearings. The leader of the right-wing parliamentary group Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) Giorgia Meloni said: “We are fighting for our symbols, to defend the integrity of our God, country and family.” She stressed: “We will create a government that will say that illegal immigration in Italy is impossible.” “If you need walls, built them, if you need a naval blockade, then it is introduced,” – said Meloni, who in late September at a rally of his party in Rome, hosted by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and expressed appreciation for his policy of opposition to migration. At Saturday’s rally came a fascist movement supporters Casapound. Many demonstrators held banners with the slogan League the previous election campaign, “Salvini Prime Minister”, as well as with the inscription: “Immediately elections.” From Rome Sylwia Wysocka (PAP) The survey described “If the elections were held in September PiS could count on the votes of 43.4 percent. Poles. In second place was the Civic Coalition with the support of 21.2 per cent. Podium close alliance with leftist SLD party, spring and Total, which wants Vote 14.1 percent. poles. For Diet would get even PSL afford 5.7 percent score. ” – the portal Onet. On Konferderację your voice wants to give 4.8 percent. respondentów.zobacz also: United Kingdom: the House of Commons rejected a request for early elections »United Kingdom Why Boris Johnson wants early elections? “This result would mean the 259 parliamentary seats for Law and Justice party and self-rule for the next four years. “KO introduce to the Sejm 119 deputies, the Left 66 and the PSL 15” – indicates Onet. At the threshold would find the Confederacy with the result of 4.8 percent. votes. On the other hand, 10.5 percent. of respondents did not specify who to give their vote. The survey Ibris voting declared 51.9 percent. respondents. Among them, 39.5 percent. It is determined to participate and 12.4 percent. – “rather” go vote. “On the other hand, 32 per cent.

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