The ACT recently changed the structure of this essay that is optional debuting the latest essay regarding the September 2015 exam.

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From September on, all essay prompts will need you to definitely not merely react to a question that is specific but to additionally read and deal with three unique views in the concern.

Although the brand new essay structure is admittedly more technical compared to the early in the day variation, it is nevertheless really predictable and you may prosper about it utilizing the right planning. For suggestions about how to overcome the essay, have a look at my post how exactly to compose the latest ACT Essay .

Regrettably, the ACT has just released a meager two test prompts so that you can preview. Initial one is available in the ACT’s site right right here . The second reason is within the most recent training ACT the test manufacturers have actually released, available as being a PDF right right here .

To carry out your absolute best from the essay, you’ll would you like to make certain you practice with over simply two essay question encourages. Listed below are ten extra ACT that is new sample question prompts I’ve written that will help you prepare. You’ll have actually 40 moments to accomplish each essay.

Accelerating Globalization (Test Essay Prompt 1)

Only some century ago, interaction between nations on opposing ends associated with the globe ended up being painstakingly sluggish or non-existent. Many people knew small about remote lands, individuals and countries. whatever they thought they knew had been often ill or erroneous conceived. In the previous century, but, the speed of globalisation has accelerated quickly. Today travel around the world within just a day is just a possibility that is real lots of people. People and countries can immediately keep in touch with one another across great distances. For better or even worse, the whole world happens to be more connected than ended up being ever imaginable before, also it will continue to become more connected each and every day. Has globalisation made the global world a much better or even worse destination?

Study and carefully examine these views. Each recommends a way that is particular of concerning the aftereffects of globalisation.

Globalization, despite its promises that are lustrous has developed more issues than it offers fixed. It offers permitted countries that are rich get richer at the cost of poorer nations, and contains increased, perhaps maybe not reduced, how many armed disputes on earth.

The entire world is without a doubt a far better destination today as a result of globalisation. This has permitted resources that are critical be distributed into the governments and folks that want them many.

While I celebrate the effective trade of countries globalisation has facilitated, we be concerned about just how globalisation is homogenizing those countries. Just simply Take languages—do we genuinely wish to are now living in some sort of where 1 day every person just talks only 1 language that is global?

Write a unified, coherent essay where you evaluate multiple views from the effect of globalisation from the world. In your essay, make sure to:

Your perspective might maintain complete agreement with some of the others, in partial agreement, or wholly various. In any case, help logical reasoning to your ideas and step-by-step, persuasive examples.

Tech and every day life (Sample Essay Prompt 2)

Tech has radically changed the method we connect to the entire world. A few weeks ago, people who desired to get in contact needed to achieve this either by conference face-to-face or messages that are sending snail mail. So that you can perform many kinds of research, individuals were obligated to see real libraries, bookstores or archives. In the last 2 full decades, technology has rendered a number of these time intensive tasks obsolete. Communications may be delivered any place in the global globe via e-mail in a matter of moments. A variety of info is available aided by the simply simply click of the phone button that is smart. Individuals will not only phone people anytime, nevertheless they also can access their geolocation on need. It appears as though many people are on his / her cell phone every minute that is waking. Has this upsurge in the energy and reach of technology bettered down life?

Browse and carefully evaluate these views. Each indicates a specific thought process concerning the existence of technology inside our everyday lives.

Today’s technology has greatly bettered our life. Folks are more attached to the knowledge and folks they want to relate with, and also the result is smarter, happier and more human that is fulfilled.

Tech promises to “connect” us with each other. But shop around and you’ll see exactly exactly how disconnected it is made us—individuals not connect to the other person because they’ve become therefore consumed by their phones and products.

Technology could have made the planet a significantly better location for those people who have usage of it, but its prohibitive expenses have made it inaccessible, and therefore unhelpful, to people that are too many.

Write a unified, coherent essay where you assess multiple views in the effect of technology on our everyday lives. In your essay, make sure to:

Your viewpoint may take complete contract with any of the others, in partial contract, or wholly various. Whatever the case, support logical reasoning to your ideas and step-by-step, persuasive examples.

College Sports (Test Essay Prompt 3)

University activities are becoming extremely popular in the us. Big games atmosphere on the many coveted television stations at probably the most coveted times. Groups are followed not merely by dedicated pupils and alumni but in addition by diverse fans from in the united states. Major programs that are athletic huge amount of money to college coffers. Celebrity coaches can earn more than often college presidents, making proposal essay topics them the best compensated employees on campus. Complete scholarships are awarded to star athletes for their athletic prowess in place of their scholastic record. In certain circumstances, athletes are also offered grades that are fake assist them stick to the group. Offered all this, should colleges continue steadily to support their recreations groups?

Browse and carefully examine these views. Each recommends a specific thought process in regards to the role of athletics at universities.

Universities should highly help their recreations groups. These teams not just produce huge amount of money for schools, however they additionally help sell potential pupils on going to the faculty.

Recreations don’t have any place that is official university. universities are organizations made for learning, perhaps perhaps not for athletics. College recreations compromise scholastic requirements and drawback pupils whom don’t participate.

While university activities perform an invaluable role on college campuses, it is necessary for administrators never to lose perspective. That some soccer coaches earn much more than college presidents, for instance, is obviously incorrect.

Write a unified, coherent essay by which you assess multiple views on college help for recreations teams. In your essay, make sure to:

Your viewpoint might take complete contract with some of the other people, in partial agreement, or wholly various. in any case, support logical reasoning to your ideas and step-by-step, persuasive examples.

University Curricula (Test Essay Prompt 4)

For years, American colleges have actually emphasized the liberal arts over more slim technical and expert training. University students have already been necessary to learn a broad variety of scholastic procedures, such as for example literary works, philosophy, history and math. Today, nevertheless, a number that is growing of and pupils have actually refused the liberal arts in support of exactly exactly what some consider to be much more practical topics, such as for example accounting, finance and nourishment. International financial hardship has led numerous to concern the worth of the liberal arts training that, to them, does not acceptably prepare pupils when it comes to realities they will certainly face after graduation. Can it be necessary for universities to market the analysis associated with the liberal arts, or should they stress expert and technical trained in its spot?

Browse and carefully evaluate these views. Each recommends a way that is particular of about university curricula.

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